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Troy Ericson

Troy Ericson

Email Deliverability & Strategy Consultant to dozens of 8 & 9 figure brands including Traffic & Funnels, V-Shred, The Sales Mentor, Rich Schefren, REPP Sports, and many more.

Email Paramedic

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In 2019, I was running Facebook Ads for two clients. One of them wanted to fire me even though the ads were doing well. I quickly figured out that their emails had major spam issues. So I used my experience from my other client to take the list from $13k/mo to $52k/mo. At that point I realized 2 things:

  1. My new focus would be on email.
  2. To stand out from the growing sea of copywriters, I needed to focus on List Management & Deliverability.

Since that day, Email Paramedic has scaled to several 6 figures per month by primarily helping people solve Spam problems & Gmail Promo Tab issues. If you want to learn how I do it, visit - and I'll talk to you soon.

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