OCT 3-5
OCT 3-5
OCT 3-5

Discover Powerful BFCM Strategies From 30+ Experts On...

Email Marketing
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SMS Marketing
CRO & Conversion Hacks
Retention & Customer Loyalty
Paid Media
Content Marketing
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The only summit dedicated to BFCM ecom marketing

Imagine having the best marketers, agency owners, advertisers, copywriters and brand owners right there helping with your BFCM campaign ...

With this free virtual summit, you can. Join experts as they share their top strategies for having your best holiday sales season ever.

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Email Marketers

Anyone with a pulse can send an email. But how do you become the brand that gets more opens, clicks and sales than your top 3 competitors combined? Come to this year’s BFCM Summit to see the exact strategies 8- and 9-figure email marketers are deploying now to have primary tab-level deliverability, irresistible offers and creative campaigns that push AOVs and LTVs to new heights. Trust us … You don’t want to get caught on your back foot with a less than stellar email performance in Q4. So come see how you could make email your #1 most profitable channel to close out the year.

Ecom Operators

No matter what part of an ecom business you touch — shipping, logistics, retention, social media, support — Black Friday affects it. And if you want to be in the know about messaging, trends and common issues that everyone is addressing going into Q4, you need to be here. All the industry’s top thought leaders will be sharing their predictions, insights and exact strategies for supporting your ecom business from end to end. Get instant clarity and connect with your peers at the only event dedicated to the biggest day of sales of the year.

Agency Owners

Fact: Your Q4 sales numbers can make or break your client relationships. And with talks of a looming recession, an even more competitive ecom landscape, and advertising costs that continue to skyrocket, beating last year’s sales numbers won’t be a walk in the park … by a long shot! And yet, a handful of agency owners will absolutely crush it for their clients this BFCM and get the lionshare of business in 2023. So if you plan on thriving this season and want to shatter your clients’ goals, make sure you don’t miss a single session of this event. Your competition will be there. Will you?

Media Buyers

Hey, media buyers! Let us guess, you’ve heard this before: “Ad costs continue to rise!” “FB doesn’t work anymore!” “Have you tried TikTok ads?!” We know. It’s been the same ol’ spiel from the same ol’ people for the last 12 months. But where are the actual strategies, the actual ad creatives, and the real techniques that media buyers on the front lines are using to find, source, launch, test and scale paid media today? At this year’s BFCM Summit, we’ve gathered the top media buyers in the world (with billions in spend) to share their playbooks with you. So you can close out the year with your best numbers yet … with a lot less stress on your shoulders.

UGC Creators

If there’s one thing brands are hungry for in Q4, it’s UGC content. Because nothing scales further, faster and more authentically than a great UGC-based ad. The problem is, a lot of UGC creators don’t know what brands are looking for, what ultimately works, or how to select brands that set them up for success in the long run. That stops now! At this year’s event, we’re pulling back the curtain on every part of the UGC creation process, giving you unprecedented access to what the top creators in the space are doing … what brands want … and, most importantly, what you can do to get a piece of the pie.


It’s your time to shine! Be the hero of your clients’ BFCM campaign by seeing the exact offers, actual email creative, exact sending volumes, post-purchase flows, landing page secrets, pop-up tips, segmentation insights and more(!). This is the stuff that 7-, 8- and 9-figure copywriters are using right now to potentially 2-10x last year’s sale numbers. And you can get a front row seat to their entire strategy at this year’s BFCM. If you want to close out the year on a high note and get results so good that you’re never searching for work in 2023, make sure you’re here!

Founders & Ecom

During last year’s BFCM, almost $1 trillion was spent by shoppers around the world. And many brands saw 6- and even 7-figures in sales in a single day. The problem is, many founders and ecom leaders don’t lay the foundation for a great campaign until it’s too late. Or worse, they sink all their resources into having a great BFCM sale … only to get a bunch of customers and then fail to continue monetizing them. Ouch! If you want to set yourself up for a recording-breaking BFCM and keep that momentum in 2023, make sure you and your team are at this event.

CRO & Growth Marketers

Want to know what can absolutely destroy your BFCM sales numbers? A website that doesn’t convert. Nothing shines a flashlight on conversion issues like the highest traffic day of the year! So get in front of website conversion mistakes (before they rear their ugly head) by seeing what some of the top CRO experts and growth marketers are doing to improve page load speed, boost AOV, and unlock even more sales — from the same amount of traffic — this holiday season with your ticket to this event!

Creative Strategists & Designers

Want to make sure your ads stand out this BFCM? We got you, fam! And we aren't stopping at just this year’s BFCM Summit with a powerful suite of expert designers.

DTC Summits is also co-hosting a separate event dedicated entirely to creative strategy (The Creative Strategy Summit on Sept. 14). And your BFCM Summit ticket instantly gives you free admission to it.

Which means you’ll get access to dozens of industry-leading creators, see their design process, and take away ideas that empower your own creative ideation. All you need to do to watch both is snag a ticket to this one!

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Day 01
Oct. 3
7:30 AM PST
10:30 AM EST
Event Kickoff

Join your co-hosts as they kick-off the event.

Rob Allen
Founder, Kings of Conversion
Chase Dimond
Partner, Structured Agency
Amanda Gambill
CEO, Click Here Agency
Retention: How To Capture Higher LTVs To Help Navigate A Recession

Adam will discuss how to capture higher LTVs to help navigate a recession.

Featured Speaker
Adam Robinson
CEO & Founder,
Ezra Firestone's Black Friday Profit Formula

You’ll learn exactly how I prepare for record-breaking promotions in my own $155 million Shopify store. I'll cover:
The Black Friday Buzz Builder “Audience Warming” and why you need it
My Proven Profitable Holiday Sales Page Layout
The Early Bird Percentage Trick
My Holiday Ads Formula
How I increase Holiday AOV and more!

Ezra Firestone
Founder, Smarter Marketer
How to Explode Black Friday Sales with ZERO Ad Spend Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn how you can use SEO to attract warm, bottom-funnel users from Google who are specifically looking for Black Friday deals related to the products you sell. I'll show you how to optimize your site so it can rank in Google, identify keywords related to your products and Black Friday, build out the landing page that users click-through to from Google, and build backlinks to the landing page so its "ranking power" increases and it hits the first page of Google for your target keyword. This is an evergreen strategy, so once this is implemented, you can expect traffic and sales from this page on every Black Friday in the future.

Keval Shah
CEO, Inbound Pursuit
7 A/B Test Winners from Past BFCM + How To Leverage Holiday Shopper Data in 2023

Learn how you can maximize BFCM performance via a/b testing, dynamic personalization, and data collection.

Brad Redding
Co-Founder & CEO, Elevar
CRO Hacks: What We’ve Learned After Running 1,500 Split Tests for Clients

Join Dylan for breakdown of what he's learned after running 1,500 split tests for clients.

Dylan Ander
Founder + CEO,
Your Customers Should Be Writing Your Black Friday Emails: How To Use Customer Reviews To Cheat Your Way Through BFCM

Campaign ideation is hard. Especially when inbox attention is at a premium – and you know that your BFCM campaigns will be competing against zillions of others. #nopressure The good news? Endless angles are hiding in plain sight: in your customer reviews. And the best part? Customer reviews have a unique power to resonate – and convert. Join Nikki Elbaz for a quick and dirty workshop – over the shoulder tutorial-style – and watch how to mine real customer reviews and polish them into BFCM campaigns that stand out.

Nikki Elbaz
Founder, Nikki*Elbaz
Next-Gen Scaling: Unlock the Staggering Purchasing Power of Gen-Z

If you aren’t optimizing your marketing efforts to capture the attention of Gen Z, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. The audience spends 8+ hours a day online, is forecasted to surpass millennials as the largest consumer population by 2026, and over 50% of the demo indicates that they love to buy from new brands.

In this talk, we’ll:
- Explore why marketing to Gen-Z is essential for growth
- Unpack how to capture the elusive gaze of Gen-Z, and
- Learn strategies directly from the brands crushing the Gen-Z market

Alexa Kilroy
Head of Brand, Triple Whale
Day 02
Oct. 4
Your 2022 Black Friday & Holiday Email Marketing Strategy - Timing, Messaging, and Cadence

When it comes to Black Friday and holiday email marketing, a spot in the inbox is prime real estate. But to win the fight for the sale, you’ll first need a winning email strategy. In this session, you’ll learn when and how often to send your holiday campaigns, best practices for crafting holiday email copywriting that converts, and tactics to optimize your email strategy to increase engagement and maximize revenue with every send.

Featured Speaker
Jimmy Kim
CEO & CO-Founder, Sendlane
Retention Panel With

Join's CEO Adam Robinson; Julia Linker, Sr. Director, CRM of Tonal; Ryan Pamplin, co-founder & CEO of BlendJet®; Justin Seidenfeld, co-founder of Canopy; and Michael Wieder, Co-Founder, President, & CMO at Lalo, on an engaging panel on retention.

Adam Robinson
Julia Linker
Senior Director, CRM, Tonal
Ryan Pamplin
Cofounder & CEO, BlendJet
Justin Seidenfeld
Cofounder & CEO, Canopy
Michael Wieder
Co-Founder, President, & CMO at Lalo
Bonus Content Unlocked! 🔓

Check the live streaming page for access on Day 2 🤫

3 Creative Must-Have Strategies For An Impactful BFCM

Having a streamlined process for creative for Black Friday is a must. Join Tessa Oljaca from Pela, The World's First Compostable Phone Case, as she breaks down how to strategize your creative from concept to close. Plus, she'll give an inside look at Pela’s in-house creative process.

Tessa Oljaca
Creative Director, Pela
The Gift of Personalization: How To Increase Holiday Upsells In Subscriber Emails Without Overwhelming Your Most Loyal Segment

Upsells are king during Black Friday Cyber Monday, but with your most loyal subscribers being inundated with emails from all brands, how do you win the sale and increase AOV? In this session, Ashley will share best practices on effectively emailing subscribers during the busiest sales seasons of the year maximize revenue with every send.

Ashley Guttuso
Chief Strategy Officer, Simple Focus Software (
Run Your Black Friday Deal With No Stress With An Auto-Drip Campaign (Examples And Templates You Can Use, With A Bonus Cyber Monday)

Join Neville Medhora — founder of Copywriting Course  and business owner behind some of the largest email newsletter brands — for his special session on running your Black Friday deal with no stress with an auto-drip campaign. Attendees will also be able to see real-life examples and snag templates, with a bonus Cyber Monday.

Neville Medhora
Copywriter, Copywriting Course
Building A Moat Around Your Brand Through Content That Entertains: The Ins-and-Outs of Creating Viral Ads

Join Wes St. Amand — founder of Dsrupt Media  — for a session on creating viral content people love.

Dsrupt Content helps 8- and 9-figure DTC brands with creating viral ads through entertainment, humour, education and performance marketing. In the last year and 6 months, their ads have been seen 170,000,000 times and driven over $60,000,000 in revenue for  clients.

Want to learn the ins-and-outs of "Super-Bowl ads for DTC"? This session is for you!

Wes St Amand
Founder of Dsrupt Media
Win Q4 with Creators & UGC

Join Danil Saliukov, CEO & Cofounder at Insense, for a special session on working with creators and the logic behind creator-made ads.

Danil has helped hundreds of DTC brands and growth agencies unlock the true power of paid social by engaging creators. His work—spanning more than ten years in martech, startups, and e-commerce—shares a common theme: Growing communities so businesses can scale.

Danil Saliukov
CEO & Cofounder, Insense
Day 03
Oct. 5
Leverage Trust To Maximize Conversions During Any Discount Period

Leveraging trust over the Black Friday period is essential to driving more sales and bettering your brand. Join the CEO from to learn how you can better leverage reviews and improve customer satisfaction this holiday season.

Callum McKeefery
Founder & CEO,
5 SMS Strategies to Win and Retain Shoppers This Holiday Season

Today's consumers have more options than ever to engage with a brand, making it increasingly competitive to capture shoppers' attention, especially during the most critical season of the year, BFCM. Join our session to hear 5 SMS strategies to help your brand stand out to win and retain customers this holiday season.

Featured Speaker
Alexandra Cassis
Director of Growth Partnerships & Enablement , Attentive
Leading Your Team Through The Chaos of BFCM

As someone who has led an agency team of 25+ through several intense BFCM cycles, Joshua will share invaluable insights and info on leading through the chaos and getting your team bought in for the hectic season ahead.

Josh Johnston
Founder, Hydra
5 Major Pitfalls For 2022 Black Friday TikTok Ads (and How To Avoid)

It seems like everyone is talking about TikTok ads right now ... but are you certain you've checked all the boxes for the biggest ecom day of the year? Join Lauren Labeled as they discuss the major pitfalls for Black Friday TikTok Ads ... and, most importantly, how to avoid them.

Lauren Mabra & Lauren Ferry
Cofounders, Lauren Labeled
The New Co-Marketing Playbook for DTC

Too often, marketers worry if other brands are the right brands to co-market with. But we so rarely consider whether *we* are the ones worth co-marketing with. In this session, Amanda Natividad, VP Marketing at SparkToro, will walk you through the new world of co-marketing — and it all starts with becoming a brand that others actually want to partner with. You'll learn some basic principles for how to become your own mini media company, how to find the right brands to pitch to (quick spoiler: bigger brands doesn't always mean better), and how to design appealing offers to your customers.

Amanda Natividad
VP of Marketing, SparkToro
Creative Sprints: Build A Feedback Loop Between Performance And Creative Teams

Performance marketing and creative teams are so individually important, but reliant on each other for success. Evan from Motion will outline best practices around how teams can create harmony between each other to reduce wasted ad spend by producing better creatives.

Evan Lee
Head of Creative Strategy, Motion
Secrets About Automation: How To Work Smarter Not Harder This BFCM Season

Working for an ecommerce brand means there’s so much that goes into your day-to-day. Marketing, retention, shipping, custom orders, demand forecasting—oh my! It’s never a dull moment … Especially when Black Friday season hits. You’ve experienced it before: the last-minute campaigns, the delays, the panic and anxiety. Every year it’s the same, except as your business scales there are more concerns to think about. But this isn’t to scare you. In fact, we’re here to help. As automation experts, we'll show you examples of how brands are leveraging marketing and operations automation during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to stay on top of tasks and maintain a positive customer experience during the busiest time of the year.

Tina Donati
Content Marketing Lead, Alloy Automation
Oliver Feuerhahn
Product Manager, Alloy Automation
Networking With Your Event Cohosts

Join your event cohosts, Amanda, Rob & Chase, for a fun wrap-up to the event!

get tickets.

Attendees love it, and you won't want to miss it.

I’ve attended a lot of ‘events.’ This one was amazingly helpful, inspiring, and fun! I’m talking about right up there with Dan Kennedy live! The speakers were so good you wanted to learn more! You can bet I was copying every link!

-Royce B., 2021 Summit attendee

So much value here, paper is almost catching fire on the notes and timestamps.

-Mahmood M., 2022 Summit attendee

The variety of speakers blew me away. (Especially because they were so generous with their tips and tricks). What an excellent alternative to the Copy Accelerator online gathering!

-Carolyn S., 2021 Summit attendee

This is insane - if you're in DTC or anything digital, I'm totally blown away.

-Jason W., 2021 Summit attendee

Your presenters left me feeling, 'I need to watch that again, like now. (And take better notes).' So thanks for putting together a great event. I usually find online summits to be a waste of time. Not that case here, at all.

-Robert P., 2021 Summit attendee

"This was awesome, so many notes and takeaways!"

-Ben H., 2022 Summit attendee
Meet Your cohosts

We're DTC Summits, but you probably know us as Rob Allen, Chase Dimond & Amanda Gambill ...

We're 9-figure email marketers with a passion for all things copywriting, DTC and ecom.

So we cofounded DTC Summits, the premier DTC marketing digital events brand.

Our mission is to empower marketing practitioners, agency owners, copywriters, designers & developers from around the world with insights into cutting-edge trends, strategies, and tools. We do this through live events, such as The Black Friday Summit, The Copywriting Summit, The Freelance Copywriting Summit, The State of Commerce, The Creative Summit, and more, with thousands of attendees.